1. a) When will I receive my delivery?

In the shopping cart,you will receive our estimated delivery date (EDD). Please note,that this is not guaranteed delivery date for your order.Some locations might take a longer time due to the frequency of deliveries to the delivery zip code.

Our system calculate this estimated date considering the total amount of time to process your order, including packaging,transit time to the delivery provider and transit time to delivery address.When placing your order,we consider the following factors :

  • Order Processing: The amount of time it takes for us to process your order for shipping.This may typically take 1-3 days.However,orders maybe shipped within few hours after placement and some may have to take up to 5 days.
  • Transit Time: The amount of time it takes for your placed order to depart our distribution center to arrive at the local delivery carrier for final shipping.
  1. b) Who needs to sign for my delivery?

Either you the recipient or some one designated by you, that’s 18 years of age and older,must be present to receive the parcel at the agreed specified day and time window.If no one is available to receive the delivery,a re-delivery fee may be applied to your order.This agreement is between you and HOODKRAFT FOODS GLOBAL.

Neither HOODKRAFT FOODS GLOBAL nor the delivery company that has been contacted to perform delivery will be held responsible,if you chose to hire a third party contractor to accept, receive and sign the hand over of items without the notations of visible defects of packages, damaged items or missing parcel.

  1. c) What am I responsible for upon delivery?

Please ensure to sign the delivery order note(DON)in the presence of the delivery company’s representative to indicate your delivery has been received.Examine your order upon delivery to ensure that there are no visible signs of damages, missing or incorrect pieces.In the event that there are missing,damaged or incorrect packages, please retain the item(s), indicate the problem on the delivery note and.contact.us within 48 hours of your delivery.A signed delivery receipt without notations of missing, damaged or incorrect item(s)represents your full acceptance of the complete order in a perfect condition.For any other problem with your order, please refer to our return policy.

  1. d) What additional fees may be applied?

There might be circumstances or situations that requires additional payment by you,if the conditions mentioned have not been met or you require a special services outside of our standard delivery.For instance,if you need specified delivery time window,your address is not accessible,you were not available for your scheduled delivery, delivery not made due to unsafe conditions,not indicating  missing pieces on the delivery note etc.

  1. f) Delivery to a freight forwarde

In order to ensure that your delivery is processed as swifly as possible, please contact us, indicate to the advisor that your order will be delivered to a freight forwarder.Additional delivery information is required to ensure accurate processing of your placed order.Extra delivery charges may apply to these order types based on time frame and location for delivery.This Agreement is with you and HOODKRAFT FOODS GLOBAL.

Neither HOODKRAFT FOODS GLOBAL nor the third party delivery company that has been contracted to perform the delivery,will be held reliable if you decides to hire a third party contractor or freight forwarder to accept, receive and sign the hand over of item(s) without the notations of visible defects of packages, damaged item(s) or missing parcel.

  1. g) Can I make changes to the delivery address after I place my order?

Sorry,we can’t make any changes to delivery address once your online order is placed and processed for delivery.